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Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Five World`s most beautiful Air-hostesses

While on air it is not always easy for everyone to be 10,000 kms above earth and that makes the profession of a flight attendant even more herculean and demanding, but at the same time it’s glamorous one too. No doubt, flight attendants are the face of the airline they represent. In the current cutting neck competition, airlines are giving particular thought to the selection and appearance of their flight attendants, male or female.

 From their height, figures and smile to their uniform, turnout and attractiveness flight attendants are the most important aspect of the advertisement of any airline. Here is a list of top Five most attractive airlines stewardess. No matter where you are flying, the flight attendants always look hot, cute and elegant and proves to be feast for the eyes. 

What are your views and thoughts?. Share them with us. Also, write for your favorite airline air hostess, that you think should be in the list.

5.Virgin Atlantic

With confidence oozing out of their faces, charmed with fitted red suits and stylish silk neck ties, the Virgin Atlantic stewardess always stood out from the crowd. These beautiful flight attendants seems like Fashion tv stars in their seductive red uniform. They have been voted the “most attractive airline stewardess” in a survey conducted in 2011. Virgin Atlantic’s “Red Hotties” are among the hottest in the sky. Elegant glamour and cheerful attitude are just some of the phrases used to describe Virgin’s supposedly amazing stewardesses.

4. Air Asia

Air Asia makes this list as they are often noted as to having the most attractive airlines stewardess of all the low-cost carriers in the world. The iconic figure hugging red uniforms of Air Asia’s female flight attendants will certainly catch your attention, and if not then their flamboyant smile when you arrive at any of Malaysian airports. Chosen carefully out of numerous hopefuls Air Asia promises you best of the best when it comes to customer service. Air Asia’s flight attendants are in fact, as hot as their meals, sometimes allegedly even hotter.

3. Emirates

Emirates is one of the most luxury airlines of the world. The airline boasts of young beautiful girls from different nationalities. They are in all shapes, looks and styles but all very attractive and polished. Emirates hostesses always look quite alluring in their outfits as there is a charismatic mix of both tradition and modernization. But I am not sure if it is the hostesses or the outfits that make them so appealing. I think it`s their bold looks that surely makes the environment hot.

2. Aeroflot Air






With the distinctive sensual uniform and a stylish hairdo, the Aeroflot Airlines stewardess holds the 3rd place in our list of most attractive airline stewardess.  We all know Russians girls are some of the prettiest girls always. The Russians may not generally be thought of highly in the fashion stakes but the crisp caps and jauntily angled neck ties of Aeroflot’s stewardesses struck a chord with passengers who have rated the airline the world’s most stylish in a survey for the flight booking website Skyscanner.

1. Air France


Who says economy class is uncomfortable!  When beautiful and charming French speaking girls are in your life how it could be boring. The Air France Airhostesses are as beautiful as the accent they speak in. Airline Air France, will make you feel short trip accompanied by a stylish tub mannequin stewardess uniforms designed by the renowned designer, Christian Lacroix. What makes them especially hot? They could very well follow the French ideal of passion over happiness. Just do not expect a French kiss service, the flight attendants would never confuse business with ‘pleasure’.

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